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How to Develop An Internet Marketing Strategy

If you know me , you know I like looking at statistics. One statistic
that just blew me away was that 80 percent of US Businesses are planning to use social
 media networking as a strategy to build their brand loyalty and
expand  their business products.

In order to do this , they are going to have to develop an Internet Marketing Strategy for
a niche business online. What the driving force behind this is the tremendous amount of
competition, there are a lot of your competitors that are already there. If you try to
compete without a plan, you will be at a major disadvantage here. You will be able
 to increase your internet marketing influence here.

One strategy I like to use is to grow a group of friends that use your product.
 I have grown a group from the customers of my business in the past , and it works very well.
 It will help you to increase your marketing influence, keep your current customers online and
 try to take some customers from your competitors. This is a basic strategy that has worked
in the past. Using one of the social networks , or more, is a good way to increase your chances of success .

When all is said and done , people buy from who they know and who they get recommendations from.
Remember that, and that it is also important to remember that one has to be very
 careful in implementing a strategy. Slow and steady does it. It's all hard work and its hard to find a shortcut .

Take a look at the top 20 marketers in your niche to see what it is that they are doing and then
try to imitate it. The trick here is to be targeted in on your goals. Don’t let the pressure get to you and
become a victim. You'll need confidence and discipline to make it.
So this is my version of some basic tips to get you started. Always willing
too discuss this. you know where to find me.


Exploring Competitors High Authority Back-Links

One tip I came across is exploring your competitors network to see what links they may have. Look for high authority back-links and create back-links to those.

Th catch here is that not all links are valuable. You want links to sites with a PR of 3 or greater. Not all links are created equal. Links with PR 3 or greater will give your site better ranking in the Search Engines rankings.

Another thing to remember is to keep your links relevant to your niche. The search engines don’t like it when its not.

There has been so much said and been repeated over the web about the value of link building and Search Engine Optimization . That’s because this is one of the most important things that you can do to increase your visibility on the web.

So, here’s a few statistics to mull over.

Some sources say that Link building can make up to 45 percent of pages rank. About 20 percent of this is from anchor text external links and 25 percent is the link popularity of a specific page.

That’s almost half of your ranking score. So this make it important. Another 25 percent or so is the authority or the host domain. So it you can increase these three items , you can go a long way to getting your site seen .

Most of the Search Engines out there know that if you have more links, in all likelihood hood you are a trustworthy site.

I have linked to a video that talks about this. It’s a 30 day challenge video and they use Market Samurai to do the grunt work. You can see what they do and repeat it manually if you like. Or see me for a copy of Market Samurai.

If you have any comments or questions, I would love to hear them.

Have a great Holiday!

Pingback and Trackback Strategies

Of course you know that there is a ton of stuff said about track backs
and ping-backs and how to use them to generate traffic. Some Guru's don’t
think that they do much good, while others think just the opposite. However, ping-backs
and track-backs could give you the edge you are looking for in generating traffic.

Start with some postings in forums that are related to your subject and you
 could get some repeat visitors to your site. Make sure you have a link back to your blog .
You can find forums by searching for your keyword phrase and adding forums to the search .
 Bigger forums with page ranks of 3 or better probably will give you the best response.

Another part of this strategy is making ping-backs and track-backs to blogs you have
linked to so that they know what you are doing. This approach will get blogs you are
talking about to come take a look at your blog. So it should help to get more traffic by
 talking about other blogs. 

Commenting on other relevant blogs is a great way to generate ping-backs and
traffic. You can generally put a link back to your own blog and others will follow this .
 You need to make sure they are relevant so you will be getting targeted traffic back to
your blog. It's all in the targeting, as usual. 

Remember that fresh content is the rule with a blog also. Your readers will
return daily if there is something to see. Without fresh content , readers
get bored and wont come back. 

Her's is a quick video that you can take a look at. It's one of Ed Dales 30 Day Challenge videos
and they use a program called Market Samurai, but you can do this stuff manually. 

Don't forget to leave me a comment. They do get read.

Tips To Getting Paid For Posting On Forums

Most Internet marketers know that nothing happens till somebody sells something.
That means you've got to get traffic to your website if you expect to make money.
Generating revenue is why I wrote this article called" tips to getting paid for
posting on forums" . One thing you always want to do is build
value in your product line on the forum. Don't try to sell or you will get banned.
Social Media Marketing is a good venue for this also. 

Finding good forums to post  on is the next problem. Go to one of the major search engines
and type in your keywords with "forums" at the end. These forums will need to be researched
a bit to make sure they are appropriate. Check out
the FAQ's for posting rules first. 

I would guesstimate that there are millions of forums on the internet, but not necessarily in your niche,
but it shouldn’t be hard to find a few that will cover your niche. Many forums are in need of quality posts.
They may need more recent posts to keep the readers interested and possibly start new discussions and bring in more readers. 

Some forums generate revenue by using pay per click ads on them and others are totally free.

When you post your comments, keep them short and make sure they generate value. 

This video from the Thirty Day Challenge helps to give you a better picture. 

As always , I welcome comments and questions.



Posting to Blogs for Backlinks

In this 30 day challenge video the host talks about how developing backlinks  with authority by posting on high page rank sites will produce visitors . He talks about Google , but I think it works for all of the search engines. So don’t forget about the other  search engines.

If you can find a link with your keyword phrase in it, so much the better. You might look into creating your own, also.

As usual, try to create new and interesting content so you can attract more visitors.

Developing High Quality Authority Backlinks

Most Internet Marketers know what a high authority back link is and what it is supposed to do. If you have a high authority
site you know that the search engines are sending you traffic. Now there is more than one way to skin a cat here in order
to get those high quality back-links. 

You can buy back-links if you like. Some companies sell high quality back-links and authority back-links. I find them expensive
because you can do it yourself. High PR back-links are the same. You can find them yourself .
When you are in the business I am you'll hear the term authority back-links quite a bit. Most of that conversation will be
centered on how to get them, because there are four types to worry about. That means that you will have to develop a strategy
 to build links to address all four types a t the same time. 

One of my favorite easy ways of doing this is to submit my website to a couple of the more authoritative and worthwhile
directories. This is for a broad listing and then find a couple of directories in your niche. These are considered navigational
authority links. Try searching for other relevant navigational pages by searching for something like links + keyword.
Construct this link foundation with some local directories or city guides and you will be on your way. 

One other thing you can do to develop an absolute authority link is to trade links. You can really only do this on a
limited basis but this strategy will work well. I expect  it to work well into the future also. 

Of course, these are just suggestions and there are other ways of getting high quality back-links for your website
It depends on your niche and what else you are spending your time on. 

Helping  corporations get organized and setting up these links is something I can expound on for hours,
so give me  a comment or email about what you think should be the way to go. 

There is more coming !

Creating Back links

Setting up blogs to get back-links. That’s the name of this game. Start a relevant
 blog about your niche and use a relevant name from your main site to get back-links.
 Efficient  places to start some social media marketing blogs are ,, indentica,, livejournal and xanga. When you
sign up and start posting, make sure you have a link back to your main site in your posts.
I won't bore you with the sign up details, they are all menu driven and in a pinch you can
call me. One big advantage is that they will give you a social media marketing platform
for your niche. Try to keep the online names the same. Become the best food guy ,
or the candy man or whatever it is. Then you will have back-links that are similar and will help with branding. 

Lately I've had some good results from video also. Online Internet TV is a good medium to start getting familiar with.
The search engines love it and and you get to talk about your niche. So, setting up blog's for the back-links is still a lot of work .
 You still need to maintain them to keep the page ranks up. That means you have to create new content , make sure it's relevant
to the main niche and do it regularly.
I will be updating this post with a video in the next week or so, but I welcome any questions or comments.

Strategies for Using Posterous

There are a lot of reasons to use Posterous and all of them are good. One of my favorites
is a video blog or podcasting channel. Its an easy way to create videos that are subject
oriented or maybe generic . All you have to do now is tell it to push out to YouTube. How great is that?

You can also collect or aggregate videos from third party sites on your smartphone.

Using Squidoo for Posting Articles

Squidoo is a great tool to use for getting the word out about your website because the search engines look at it as an authority site. This means the links you post will have more weight for your ranking efforts.

Squidoo is a great branding platform and its free also. This is helpful to all the newbies out there. Because you are using squidoo, you don’t really need a website, but it is better if you have one.

Squidoo is an excellent way to help with your Search Engine Optimization , too. This is because it is all included in the sign up price, so you really can get by knowing very little about it. You can have as many pages as you need for your lens. This also makes you an expert in the eyes of your readers and that will cause them to remember you.

You can add videos , either your own or someones else’s . Just make sure that its relevant to what you are talking about in your niche.

Here’s a quick video brought to you by the 30 day challenge with some tips for signing up with Squidoo.



Using The Article Writing Strategy

There is great strategic value in writing articles. This video uses one available platform for it.