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Important Domain Name Registration Changes

Now that ICANN, the domain name registration group, is expanding the domain

name suffix list, I thought it might be helpful to go over the Natural History of the Domain Name.

From the records I have seen, the early history was a bit chaotic.

That’s was part of the impetus to organize a bit better, I’m sure.

The first domains were to be considered general purpose domains and were defined in late 1984.

(There seems to be a little symbolism working here.)

These domains are the ones you are probably familiar with. com,edu,mil,org and gov.

In the beginning they had a specialized use and now they are really pretty much open for everything.

In early 1985 the list was put into use with the addition of .net. So now there were six domain name suffixes

Another addition ,in late 1988, .int , was produced at the behest of NASA. they wanted a name

that would reflect their character because they were a global organization and that they wanted it to be used for some infrastructure changes.

It seems that in Mid 2000 the IAB wanted to close the .int domain in favor of .arpa domains .

They said the future of databases would be in .arpa.

This means that by the mid 1990’s there was pressure for more domain names to be introduced.

The head of the IANA actually did invite applications or proposals from interested parties.

These were under the guidelines that were made in early 1995.

In late 200, ICANN, the domains registry, added 7 more suffixes and has now added 6 more domains names you can buy.

The newest ones are :,jobs, .mobi, .cat, .post , .tel and .travel .

So now ICANN handles domain registration for more domains than ever before.

This will organize things a little more in MHOP . What do you think?



Marketing Strategy Tips

Unless you are an inventor and you have a patent on an exclusive product,

the chances are you will have competition and need marketing strategy tips.

Other businesses are trying to take your customers, and they are active.

You may know it or not, but its time to keep abreast of what your competition is doing.


The way to take care of this problem is to research your competition.

For instance, if you have an online buiseness, you will want to learn some internet

marketing strategies . The reason being its hard to be the market leader if you don’t know who your competition is.


Study some marketing strategy examples for things like who is ranking for what keywords

in your niche and what are they selling. When you’ve answered this question, you will want to

know who they are too. I happen to think it’s more efficient if you stay in your own niche here.


You will want to track their advertising and other content and find

out where they blog about their product. Look at all the major

search engines and social media networks for their products.


If you are having a lot of contact with your current customers,

you can ask them what they think of your competitors products.

This could be the cheapest and easiest ways to get information

on your competitors, according to some sources.


When ever you get a new customer , it’s helpful to find out where they were

getting the product before and why they switched to you. This may

give you some insight into how to look for more business.


For instance, you can get enough data to find out why your customer became

dissatisfied enough to come to you.This might allow you to

adjust your own offering to beat out your competitor.


So that is the way to get started in this area, if you are looking.


How to Develop An Internet Marketing Strategy

If you know me , you know I like looking at statistics. One statistic
that just blew me away was that 80 percent of US Businesses are planning to use social
 media networking as a strategy to build their brand loyalty and
expand  their business products.

In order to do this , they are going to have to develop an Internet Marketing Strategy for
a niche business online. What the driving force behind this is the tremendous amount of
competition, there are a lot of your competitors that are already there. If you try to
compete without a plan, you will be at a major disadvantage here. You will be able
 to increase your internet marketing influence here.

One strategy I like to use is to grow a group of friends that use your product.
 I have grown a group from the customers of my business in the past , and it works very well.
 It will help you to increase your marketing influence, keep your current customers online and
 try to take some customers from your competitors. This is a basic strategy that has worked
in the past. Using one of the social networks , or more, is a good way to increase your chances of success .

When all is said and done , people buy from who they know and who they get recommendations from.
Remember that, and that it is also important to remember that one has to be very
 careful in implementing a strategy. Slow and steady does it. It's all hard work and its hard to find a shortcut .

Take a look at the top 20 marketers in your niche to see what it is that they are doing and then
try to imitate it. The trick here is to be targeted in on your goals. Don’t let the pressure get to you and
become a victim. You'll need confidence and discipline to make it.
So this is my version of some basic tips to get you started. Always willing
too discuss this. you know where to find me.


Exploring Competitors High Authority Back-Links

One tip I came across is exploring your competitors network to see what links they may have. Look for high authority back-links and create back-links to those.

Th catch here is that not all links are valuable. You want links to sites with a PR of 3 or greater. Not all links are created equal. Links with PR 3 or greater will give your site better ranking in the Search Engines rankings.

Another thing to remember is to keep your links relevant to your niche. The search engines don’t like it when its not.

There has been so much said and been repeated over the web about the value of link building and Search Engine Optimization . That’s because this is one of the most important things that you can do to increase your visibility on the web.

So, here’s a few statistics to mull over.

Some sources say that Link building can make up to 45 percent of pages rank. About 20 percent of this is from anchor text external links and 25 percent is the link popularity of a specific page.

That’s almost half of your ranking score. So this make it important. Another 25 percent or so is the authority or the host domain. So it you can increase these three items , you can go a long way to getting your site seen .

Most of the Search Engines out there know that if you have more links, in all likelihood hood you are a trustworthy site.

I have linked to a video that talks about this. It’s a 30 day challenge video and they use Market Samurai to do the grunt work. You can see what they do and repeat it manually if you like. Or see me for a copy of Market Samurai.

If you have any comments or questions, I would love to hear them.

Have a great Holiday!