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Using The Article Writing Strategy

There is great strategic value in writing articles. This video uses one available platform for it.

Obtaining High Quality Backlinks

Here’s some Tips about how to obtain high quality backlinks that will help your ranking in the search engines.



Getting Found by the Search Engines

Traditionally, posting articles to ezines, blogs, comments on blogs and using sitemaps and pinging has been the way to get indexed in the search engines. Submitting  to digg and delicious and others that are similar, will help a bit too. Here’s is some software that will automate the job. 


Setup WordPress with Google Analytics

Strategies for using GA with your wordpress site



A Social Media Marketing Platform

This will give you a few pointers on what platform to pick for your social media marketing projects.


Social Media Writing Skills

More on developing your writing skills for Internet Marketing from Ed Dale.


Producing Superior Online Content

Here’s a great strategy to produce Online Content.


Finding Useful Content

Finding the WOW content that will make your blog or website topics stand out.


Search Engine Optimized Domain Names

Great video about picking a good domain name.

Identifying Activity in Your Niche