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Developing High Quality Authority Backlinks

Most Internet Marketers know what a high authority back link is and what it is supposed to do. If you have a high authority
site you know that the search engines are sending you traffic. Now there is more than one way to skin a cat here in order
to get those high quality back-links. 

You can buy back-links if you like. Some companies sell high quality back-links and authority back-links. I find them expensive
because you can do it yourself. High PR back-links are the same. You can find them yourself .
When you are in the business I am you'll hear the term authority back-links quite a bit. Most of that conversation will be
centered on how to get them, because there are four types to worry about. That means that you will have to develop a strategy
 to build links to address all four types a t the same time. 

One of my favorite easy ways of doing this is to submit my website to a couple of the more authoritative and worthwhile
directories. This is for a broad listing and then find a couple of directories in your niche. These are considered navigational
authority links. Try searching for other relevant navigational pages by searching for something like links + keyword.
Construct this link foundation with some local directories or city guides and you will be on your way. 

One other thing you can do to develop an absolute authority link is to trade links. You can really only do this on a
limited basis but this strategy will work well. I expect  it to work well into the future also. 

Of course, these are just suggestions and there are other ways of getting high quality back-links for your website
It depends on your niche and what else you are spending your time on. 

Helping  corporations get organized and setting up these links is something I can expound on for hours,
so give me  a comment or email about what you think should be the way to go. 

There is more coming !