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Cross Channel Marketing

To increase effectiveness with your digital marketing campaigns , you must use cross channel marketing as a strategy. This means that you will be combining your social media strategies with your mobile text message marketing , for instance.

One strategy is using data from customer reports to identify trends that you can add to your market research. At this point, remember not to treat the data irresponsible. Or from a economic point of view. Try to engage your tribe by listening to them and getting representative data.

Another approach to this is sharing apps on cell phones that promote social gaming activities .This helps to create an engaging atmosphere for the tribe to take part in and share and take action . There are apps that will help you create a custom app for your niche. You can foster competition among groups of friends or tribes that will lead to sharing and dialog. This will help to reinforce your brand to the tribe.

Creating effective mobile strategies starts with the realization that most retailers will have to refine their strategies. This means putting to use other channels such as social media and mobile messaging, because this will allow your tribe to use their smart phones to access and shop. Also, you can keep using your conventional forms of marketing a and public relations activities.

It seems to me that you should remember the old adage, content is king. If you remember this , you will increase your branding strength and allow for quick sale opportunities.

Multichannel marketing is still in its infancy and so doesn’t really fit into a model yet. The model is still developing. Leveraging the channels at the same time is what its all about. Some experts think that retaining the human voice is and important part of this also because it will help you make the jump successfully.

Remember this if nothing else, you can’t hide anywhere now. It’s a digital world and that means you have to take advantage of it because your competition is.

Because of this your brand is out there for the tribe to yay or nay. One way to be sure the tribe is engaging is to make sure you are respectful of the human paradigm. Accentuate it . Make sure you retain that human touch feeling to your tribe by making sure that each touch is unique and distinctive. It shouldn’t sound canned to the tribe or anyone else. It needs to have a connection to the person and the company through some value oriented texts.

When all is said and done, without the human touch feeling , your audience wont follow you.

There are other platforms such as B to B or web analysis and many more that can be utilized for cross channel marketing to your tribe, but here we are concentrating using social media in conjunction with mobile messaging.

If the tribe is interested, maybe we can get more specific with the different social media platforms and how they are unique in this area.

Do you have a platform or strategy or tip you would like to opine about?