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Text Messaging From Your Computer

There will be over ten trillion text messages sent by 2013 . The statistics say that over 90 percent of them will get read. On the other hand there are 110 billion messages on social networks that may or may not get read . Both use text messages sent from your computer. Which statistic do you like?

Both formats use the social networking paradigm , but its seems that short message service , or SMS Text Message marketing is working out better for business. This is because targeted text messaging is a very efficient and effective method for mobile marketing. It keeps you in contact with your tribe and your family. And its very cost effective. This protocol turns out to be very effective for internet marketers, also.

Some organizations use it to advertise alerts to the tribe about possible emergency’s and situations that may go Charlie Sheen on them. Sending important information isn’t just limited to your tribe either, you want to keep in touch with important customers too. Don’t forget your suppliers. You can have a keyword for each. Then you know the right person is getting the right message.

One of my favorite ways to keep up with my clients is to promote networking meetings and events to my network tribe. Birthday and anniversary greetings. The list is endless. This works well for sales managers that want to stay in touch with outside sales departments.

There is always help available to manage a mobile text messaging campaign also. So don’t think you’re on your own. And remember , you can send the messages from you’re computer, so don’t worry if your thumbs are too big.

Text Message Marketing may not be as social in some ways , but it gets results and has several advantages over other formats. SMS doesn’t take so long to send a message as an email or a phone call and you can do bulk sending. You can be on your phone and send a message.

Be aware that when you send a message , it sits on a server until the receiving phone is turned on. In the past , this was known as a “store and forward service”. This means the tribe member’s phone doesn’t have to be turned on to send the message. The message waits until the phone is turned on and recipient is in range. Very effective.

Mobile Text Marketing is considered to be very spam free because of the opt – in feature, especially if you compare it to email. Your SMS text marketing message is much more likely to be delivered than an email.

I’m pretty sure most businesses are aware that SMS can send bulk messages and not just one on one messages. This is a broadcasting service ,but there is no spam because the clients are opt in . Corporations use this function to contact tribes , or employees. Some online services use it to disseminate news or some other type of information to tribes.

I tell my clients that it is important to deliver your message to a targeted audience. So I like to set up clients that already have a phone list. But we have a department that works hand in hand with a new client to get them in touch with their tribe.

If you get your list together , we will go over it and I’ll show you the fastest way to upload it so you can start sending SMS messages to your tribe.

Let’s sit down and have a discussion about this article . I would love to receive some comments from my readers, so fire away!