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Pingback and Trackback Strategies

Of course you know that there is a ton of stuff said about track backs
and ping-backs and how to use them to generate traffic. Some Guru's don’t
think that they do much good, while others think just the opposite. However, ping-backs
and track-backs could give you the edge you are looking for in generating traffic.

Start with some postings in forums that are related to your subject and you
 could get some repeat visitors to your site. Make sure you have a link back to your blog .
You can find forums by searching for your keyword phrase and adding forums to the search .
 Bigger forums with page ranks of 3 or better probably will give you the best response.

Another part of this strategy is making ping-backs and track-backs to blogs you have
linked to so that they know what you are doing. This approach will get blogs you are
talking about to come take a look at your blog. So it should help to get more traffic by
 talking about other blogs. 

Commenting on other relevant blogs is a great way to generate ping-backs and
traffic. You can generally put a link back to your own blog and others will follow this .
 You need to make sure they are relevant so you will be getting targeted traffic back to
your blog. It's all in the targeting, as usual. 

Remember that fresh content is the rule with a blog also. Your readers will
return daily if there is something to see. Without fresh content , readers
get bored and wont come back. 

Her's is a quick video that you can take a look at. It's one of Ed Dales 30 Day Challenge videos
and they use a program called Market Samurai, but you can do this stuff manually. 

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