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Tips To Getting Paid For Posting On Forums

Most Internet marketers know that nothing happens till somebody sells something.
That means you've got to get traffic to your website if you expect to make money.
Generating revenue is why I wrote this article called" tips to getting paid for
posting on forums" . One thing you always want to do is build
value in your product line on the forum. Don't try to sell or you will get banned.
Social Media Marketing is a good venue for this also. 

Finding good forums to post  on is the next problem. Go to one of the major search engines
and type in your keywords with "forums" at the end. These forums will need to be researched
a bit to make sure they are appropriate. Check out
the FAQ's for posting rules first. 

I would guesstimate that there are millions of forums on the internet, but not necessarily in your niche,
but it shouldn’t be hard to find a few that will cover your niche. Many forums are in need of quality posts.
They may need more recent posts to keep the readers interested and possibly start new discussions and bring in more readers. 

Some forums generate revenue by using pay per click ads on them and others are totally free.

When you post your comments, keep them short and make sure they generate value. 

This video from the Thirty Day Challenge helps to give you a better picture. 

As always , I welcome comments and questions.