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Search Engine Optimization is Important

SEO is one of those things that you do so the search engines can find your content.  As you have heard before, content is king, so be sure to have good, well-written, and unique content that will focus on your primary keyword or keyword phrase.

Since SEO is a critical factor in most types of content management for public consumption, it helps a lot to have a firm grasp of SEO principles and skills. Having a back ground in HTML will go a long way, for instance.

HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. It is just like learning a foreign language in that you have you have to immerse yourself into it and and have an HTML  writing strategy. As you do more HTML activity, it will become more understandable and fluent. Doing this will give you more insight into how the search engines operate when crawling your site looking for keywords.

Having a good keyword strategy helps in that you will want to look at search volumes for that keyword and competitor use of the keyword. This will help you to increase your ranking.  Some web builders will supply a list of keywords to help you out here.

On page SEO talks about optimization of your own website and the elements that need it so the search engines can index you. You should have page titles and body text , meta descriptions, alt tags on images and your title tags. These are all elements that need to be taken care of.

Inbound links and anchor text are referred to as off-page SEO. You could use the words “social Media ” as an anchor text link. You would then be able to make a guest post on another blog and include a link back to your site by adding a little HTML code into the site.

There is a lot more information on HTML out there and you might try to read a tutorial or two for your own education.

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Online Community Management

Online Community Management is being out in the trenches with the customer. Really, it is the day to day conversations with the enterprises prospects and customers.

This activity has also been referred to as a social media manager.

This activity is social platform agnostic because it doesn’t matter what platform you are on. If you are doing this for a 3rd party, it means they are trusting you with a lot of influence for their enterprise.

Strangely enough, the beginnings of the Online Community Manager start back in the computer games industry with the advent of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) back in 1995.

The realities of the situation have expanded  to include  lots of different positions . Some of these include social media management in a support and marketing role also. The gist of all of this is that online community management encompasses a little bit of each of these, while making sure that there are open communications between the community and the author.

The different types of roles that an online community manager  may serve depends pretty much on the nature and reason for being of the online communities purpose. Now this may or may not be motivated by whether it is a for profit enterprise or not.

Some developers and creators have said that every network has an underlying purpose or there would be no reason to have it.

There are different motivations though , such as Business or Missions or even personal.

These all have to be taken into account when deciding on an Online Community Manager.

The manager has his hand on the pulse of the company and the send button could be compared to the barrel of a weapon. This is because anything coming out of that barrel can hit the target or miss. If there is careful consideration of variables such as wind, humidity etc. , you have a good chance of hitting the target.

If the projectile misses it’s mark, it could bounce of at an angle that could do damage. The company , if there is one, should implement a strategy of approval for this process to minimize damage and maximize influence.

As always , we are soliciting feedback on this subject , so don’t be afraid to contact us.

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Some Facebook Fan Page Tips

There are a lot of businesses out there today that could use a boost from the Internet to help keep the lights on. One of the easiest ways is to use the Facebook platform to keep in touch with your current tribe by starting a Fan page . You will also be able to pick up new prospects.

One of the advantages here is that prospects will be able to locate you and your products. Facebook Fan pages will help your page rank and should help to point prospects to your page. Facebook has an internal search engine that will help prospects to find you also.

Being in touch with current clients as well as new prospects is more crucial to your social media campaigns that ever. That’s because this is the basis of social media. Staying in touch that is. Doing this well can mean lots of good things will be happening in your business.

Look at the Facebook page as an extension to your online and offline marketing efforts,. All of the things you currently do like email, coupon advertising etc. can be tied together for more efficiency in your social media campaigns .

You can promote your brand as well as build a brand here and right now , the Facebook platform is wide open for this. You will need to post relevant and useful information that will influence prospects to become fans and clients. Taking care of your brand includes registering pages for your brands and intellectual property. This will help to stop others from doing it and possibly stealing your business.

Following these social media strategies can increase your sales . And that really is the point , isn’t it? It’s all about connecting and communicating in order to drive some business your way. Use the Facebook places function and the new F-commerce function to drive sales also.

When you add all of this up, its really an offer you cant refuse. It’s a great bargain and set up is free if you do it yourself. The biggest investment is one of time to keep the page fresh and active and to learn how this whole thing works. More and more companies are hiring trained social media consultants to help and get the show on the road. Ask me about how to do this.

If you are in business you know that you simply have to keep up with the competition. That’s because the competition is already there and is taking your clients. Remember that Facebook has over 500 million users. A lot of them are interested in your product.

Getting feedback about your products and services is easy on Facebook. You can find out what your customers think about your customer service. The Insights tool will provide detailed information about who is visiting your page and what they are looking at when they get there.

This is a great way to promote your business inexpensively and to help with your social media campaigns. If you don’t have a page yet, its time to look into it.

If you have questions or comments , let me know.

Data Mining Activities Using Social Media

One of the advantages of social media for marketers is that searching the information that is available can aid Marketing efforts by supplying current patterns of purchasing and making decisions about buying behavior. An example of this would be a Social Media Company that sells Alternate Energy Solar Panels. They would be able to introduce their products to consumers that have a history of purchasing Alternative Energy Devices. Data Mining , as this activity is called, can help with predicting which products a tribe may be interested in. With a little bit of luck marketers can surprise their customers and make the customer happy.

One problem with this is that personal privacy is at risk. With the Internet being so cheap and easy to access, privacy concerns have increased . Some tribes won’t shop on the internet because of this. They are afraid of someone getting a hold of information in an unethical way and using that information against them.

This is the reason I think that Social Media Artists are constantly being ushered to the PR agency’s. Even as social media is rapidly evolving in the Corporate arena, it is still thought of as another form of :push: marketing. Social Media Marketing, as we all know, is more influential marketing that push marketing.

The marketers job is to try and establish a relationship with current and prospective customers , and Social media is the way to do it. Reviewing the data we have is a way for the customer to voice his opinion about what he wants by using the social networks.

There is so much customer data available from the online tribes that is so very dense with information that if you were a Merchant, you would know all about your customers needs and concerns. You also have the information to give that customer what he wants in the future. And you are getting the information on a continuing and consistent basis.

Now all of that data has to be changed into useful information. This is because social media data is different from the transactional data that most systems use. Therefore, it is stored in different formats. Fortunately , it can be converted by using another technology.

This process is a way of managing important business data on an ongoing schedule, maintaining the status quo and creating the records needed. This way the data is validated . So we know it is correct, consistent and complete. This format has been used for 11 or more years. Its a great format for integrating disparate databases for a more complete view of their tribes. It is equally effective in integrating social media data into existing CRM systems, and filtering that data for relevance.

For instance, we now can achieve important process furtherance with improvements in the bottom-line significance. This means that it is possible to obtain behavioral data that will allow them to more appropriately target tribes for better social marketing optimization. Building that one to one relationship with tribes is going to be easier because of the availability of information on personal data and interests. This will enable targeting to the next level.

Usually the process of finding clients on social sites is a slow, arduous process, for most companies. It’s time intensive and expensive too. On some platforms, a business can obtain the information of anyone who clicks their like button, for instance. With the right activity, game or article, a company can get a lot of likes.
Because of the availability of this new technology, the process is more encompassing and is a lot quicker. For instance, there is a matching technology that can take a name and check to see which john smith it is. It will also allow a company to identify a tribe on the basis of one or two pieces of information.

I could talk about this for quite a while as there is so much to digest. But time and space limit me. So, I will close with a question. How are you using Data Mining Technology to help your business be more successful?

I would love to be able to get some answers to this.

Compelling Tips for Social Media Campaigns

It’s been said in the past that if you give a man a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail. I don’t know how true that really is, but it’s still nothing more that a tool. You need tools to build a business or a house.

Campaigns and other projects involving social media may be a great tool for your company. But you have to be trained to use it well. An advantage here is that Social media influences your potential customers. However, they also have the opportunity to post bad product reviews. You definitely don’t want them to denigrate your product or even tell their acquaintances not to visit your place. On the other hand though, potential clients can list what they want and tell you what they like. I believe this could result in in your sales and profits going up quickly. This is absolutely a large amount of power to put in the hands of an inexperienced tribe.

One of the reasons for this is that social media campaigns are built on developing and influencing relationships. Many businesses try to use Social Media as a format for making sales noises to their tribe. This is probably a misstep because it may be viewed as just a cheap shot to get a sale or be totally ignored altogether. No matter what you do here, you are wasting the company’s time and resources. Your time would be better spent by developing professional relationships and trying to connect with the tribe.

A possible thing you can do to connect in this area is to post an affirming congratulations to a client for getting a project , and its a great way to build a relationship. You get to mention your product and services at the same time this way, while making a personal connection. With a little luck, your clients will begin to ask questions like, “how did they get that project” And we all know the answer too that , right? Its through the excellent work of the consultant. They could also ask, “why is the event being organized for the restaurant?”. It could have been and online contest that brought them all together. Or it could be a monthly promo. By doing it this way , you get some subliminal promos while building your relationship with the tribe.

I addition to this, it’s very important to grow and maintain a professional relationship with the tribe and format ideas of how a professional posting should look. You will need to move the tribe into this from a social standpoint too.

Its essential to have an active presence in social media projects because of the influence factor and the amount of exposure the company will receive. You will have two way communication between the company and your tribe. You will be able to develop a poll if you like about a recurring subject or question. This will stimulate conversation and keep you in the tribe’s mind.

It seems to me that it is advantageous to have a local element to the campaign. A local tribe following is the best way to start. Then you can branch out to state or region, before going nationally. Network and construct relationships with other companies in your region and within your sphere of influence.
This will help to create a small network or base to operate from. It will also bring more attention to your products and services. More attention could include things like promotional events or other mutually beneficial opportunities for networking.

So to sum it all up, make sure you are using social media optimization properly for your product or service and for your tribe. I think a major problem here is that most of the popular social media platforms are free. So after reading this, you will all run out and sign up for social media accounts to promote your product or service. Just remember that social media for business is not the same as social media for individuals. The way to be successful here is to have a professional consultant advising you and helping you avoid mistakes with your tribe.

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