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Creating Back links

Setting up blogs to get back-links. That’s the name of this game. Start a relevant
 blog about your niche and use a relevant name from your main site to get back-links.
 Efficient  places to start some social media marketing blogs are ,, indentica,, livejournal and xanga. When you
sign up and start posting, make sure you have a link back to your main site in your posts.
I won't bore you with the sign up details, they are all menu driven and in a pinch you can
call me. One big advantage is that they will give you a social media marketing platform
for your niche. Try to keep the online names the same. Become the best food guy ,
or the candy man or whatever it is. Then you will have back-links that are similar and will help with branding. 

Lately I've had some good results from video also. Online Internet TV is a good medium to start getting familiar with.
The search engines love it and and you get to talk about your niche. So, setting up blog's for the back-links is still a lot of work .
 You still need to maintain them to keep the page ranks up. That means you have to create new content , make sure it's relevant
to the main niche and do it regularly.
I will be updating this post with a video in the next week or so, but I welcome any questions or comments.