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Google Plus Strategy Review

Some marketers think that Google has had a lot of luck in their business. I tend to think that it is more probably the result of hard work on Google’s part . For instance , the new Sparks program allows you to input things you are interested in and then it will show web pages that have that content. Something similar to Stumbleupon. It seems to me that it will take a bit of working with the program to get it right, though.

Watching your incoming stream of those that are following you is a nice feature because it allows you to see what they are posting and you may want to follow them.

You can share your videos and pictures with office workers and friends by putting them in a circle. It will help you to share certain updates with certain people. It should help to organize too. Circles will also allow you to see only content you want to see. So that means that you can select which posts to look at. On other platforms there is no way to separate them.

Some platforms seem to be lacking in their privacy structure and they opt in users automatically. Changing these settings is sometimes difficult and hard to find. The approach Google Plus has is to make it easy to choose to make content public or not.

One of the features I like the best is the Hangout feature. Hangouts are a fairly new addition to social media networking. It works like this, you start a hangout and up to 10 friends can drop by for a chat. It may become useful to politicians, although at this time, they may be getting a lot of negativity. Using the Google plus Social Media Platform may be good for customers service issues for companies , also.
Using the tool as a bookmarking platform for articles to read later or maybe create a circle to bookmark interesting pages.

Some of the Social Media Networking platforms out there feel that everyone is thrilled to share all their details with all of their so-called friends . I’m not in favor of this only because there are predators that will use your information for other things. With Google plus you control who see’s what. This will allow you to keep information and interests separate.

This platform will also allow you another opportunity to start out fresh with Social Media Networking. Maybe you would like to leave some of your old friends behind. You can just not add them to your Google plus circles. In all likelihood , they will never realize they’ve been left out. And I’ sure you will miss all of those game invites that other platforms have.

My response rate from the people I have invited to Google plus has been rather mediocre. I think it results from the feeling of , oh, another Social media thing?
So, I will keep up the work and report in another time on this.

Business to Business Social Media

Recently, Business to Business social media has taken on an increasingly important role. Because of this ,it has generated lots of events and quite an assortment of groups are popping up all over the place to to meet the increasing demand. More businesses are looking for ways to generate awareness of what they do and how to do it better.

There are so many events available out there that it will be impossible to list them all here. Many of them serve the digital professional and many of them are more broad in focus. I have put together some of the groups that I find to be the most effective.

This is a list of conferences , meetings and other organizations that are excellent starting points for social media marketers and social media strategists. You are welcome to make your own comments here also.

In addition, online media conferences are available . There are so many of these that you can be busy for quite some time.

Let’s start off with Social media week. It usually happens in February and September and is hosted by social media groups and digital experts in a lot of cities around the world. Most of the time it is spread out so that the conferences are in different places. So watch for this in your city .

In March there is SXSw in Austin. You can find the best in film, music and interactive media here. There is a trade show and presentations as well as networking events. They are all centered around start up technologies that may provide you with a new audience.

Visit San Francisco to meet with industry leaders , as well as global executives for web 2.0 . You will be amazed at the conversation around the latest trends on the web.

The Blogwell conference presents , in their words, “eight great case studies on the best social media programs at large corporations.” There are some great Blogwell events that have taken place in Philadelphia, Chicago and Seattle.

Don’t forget BlogWorld. Blogging and Internet TV Gurus will be attending this one . Participants are welcome to learn about new strategies, tools and technologies they will need to make their presence known on the web.

Its a fact that While you can learn a lot from attending conferences, you will need to do more in the way of learning and training for your niche. That’s because the low frequency of these once or twice a year events can only take you so far as a practicing social media strategist. Supplementing them with monthly or weekly networking meetings will come in handy.

Look for technology networking and blogging events on the web that are being held on a regular basis . Preferably not far away from where you are. Real Entrepreneurs will look into starting their own groups.

There’s always the option of traveling to New York or San Francisco too.

Some may be looking to make an even bigger commitment in the way of social media training though.
If networking and conferences and meetings don’t seem to be enough to keep you busy, joining a social media club or another organization may be a great choice.

Relevant comments and suggestions will be welcomed .