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Online Community Management

Online Community Management is being out in the trenches with the customer. Really, it is the day to day conversations with the enterprises prospects and customers.

This activity has also been referred to as a social media manager.

This activity is social platform agnostic because it doesn’t matter what platform you are on. If you are doing this for a 3rd party, it means they are trusting you with a lot of influence for their enterprise.

Strangely enough, the beginnings of the Online Community Manager start back in the computer games industry with the advent of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) back in 1995.

The realities of the situation have expanded  to include  lots of different positions . Some of these include social media management in a support and marketing role also. The gist of all of this is that online community management encompasses a little bit of each of these, while making sure that there are open communications between the community and the author.

The different types of roles that an online community manager  may serve depends pretty much on the nature and reason for being of the online communities purpose. Now this may or may not be motivated by whether it is a for profit enterprise or not.

Some developers and creators have said that every network has an underlying purpose or there would be no reason to have it.

There are different motivations though , such as Business or Missions or even personal.

These all have to be taken into account when deciding on an Online Community Manager.

The manager has his hand on the pulse of the company and the send button could be compared to the barrel of a weapon. This is because anything coming out of that barrel can hit the target or miss. If there is careful consideration of variables such as wind, humidity etc. , you have a good chance of hitting the target.

If the projectile misses it’s mark, it could bounce of at an angle that could do damage. The company , if there is one, should implement a strategy of approval for this process to minimize damage and maximize influence.

As always , we are soliciting feedback on this subject , so don’t be afraid to contact us.

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Social Scanning Activities

Can I regale you with all of the benefits of Smart phones? You’ve probably heard it all by now. You stay connected to all your social media networks by using the Internet. All the time. You keep in touch because the email is close to you. In addition to all this, you can stay more organized than you have ever been and there are more and more services out there to help you do just that.

Most , if not all , of the new services actually need to mature a bit and experiment with the model a bit more, in my humble opinion. For the immediate future , you may want to watch developments here.

In the past it’s been said that smart phone owners have the world at their fingertips . This may sound a bit pompous, but the inertia of the of the mobile phone business is gaining momentum. To my view , its because of the many different applications that are available. One of them that has caught my eye is mobile scanning technology. In some circles its known as social scanning. These are applications that allow comparison shopping using bar codes.

This means that you , as a Smart phone owner, can get to your machine, load an application and a code and get access to all the relevant information about that code. This activity is really the application of bar code scanning and social media to create a paradigm of social scanning.

To the big search engines, this means there is a way to track offline scanning behavior. Location services track the data and so now QR code details are being given away to retailers with popular Place Pages. This is because you now have a connection that you can touch to the digital world.

An added benefit here is that you will be able to aggregate all of your membership group details, punch cards etc. into an easy to access digital format . You’ll be able to scan stuff such as credit and debit cards too. There are backup programs to keep your digital data safe also.

Some may think that these scans aren’t really social in nature, but because they can double as verifiable place check-ins, they also share the same properties.

It is also possible to leverage Mobile Technology in order to create brand awareness and product loyalty. This can be done using location platforms and apps that are creating the new ;loyalty platform. Whoever does this the best will stand out. Its just a matter of learning to use a few programs.

Social Capital is an important concept too. This is what drives all social phenomenons to go viral on the internet. This makes it something to focus on. It has been called the currency of social media.

As social scanning and other as yet to be found applications show up, we will be learning more and more.

Let me in on any discussions you might have about this and we’ll go from there.

Social Media Networks

What is it that draws us to online Social Media Networks ?
For thousands of years we have formed tribes to meet our security needs and now we study why.

Most Studies done by reputable tribes show that friendships and other social relationships tend to have a powerful effect on physical and mental health. This relationship had been noticed and talked about for many years until about the mid to late 1970’s. This was when other tribes turned to this issue to study it.

One study done in California around about 1979 showed a relationship between those who had a lot of contacts and those who had only a few. People who lacked tribes , tended to die sooner. In 1982 in Michigan, another study showed a similar association for women, but not men. About the same time similar results were reported between older men and women.

What this means is that your tribe consists of individuals drawn together by a variable such as age , sex , work or family. This is not to say that only these variables are used, though. In fact, one variable that has been proposed in the past is the number of contacts. You have to have about a hundred to a hundred and fifty, to be a social network.

One variable that has changed is that there is a whole new paradigm to include a company’s employees or even a politicians venue. You should be able to relate this to your target market.

Some have opined that its not really social unless the users can interact with one another. That it needs to be more that just an ability to generate content. That this piece of the puzzle has so far been missing from the platforms that are available today.

Part of the problem here is that Social Media Networking has changed the definition of friends and tribes. You will always have your best friends and much trusted business associates to still back you up, only now you can cast a wider net for contacts . This includes business contacts as well as personal contacts. This system is still evolving and expanding for the better, we hope.

If you could leverage social media networking to help drive business relationships and possibly other relationship, why wouldn’t you? Social Media is helping us to engage a much broader Universe of possibilities.

There are those out there that think that defining Social media is difficult because tribes get confused because of the implications of the thing itself. One definition is that Social media is simply content generated by the content view themselves. Of course, and you know this, its a huge implication. From here we can jump off into viral marketing , the masses influencing their tribes and other tribes. Even the Dissemination of information will become easier.

The Social Media Phenomenon seems to be mostly confined to the internet right now , but is it possible that this won’t always be the case? It’s possible to me , at least, that some new outrageous technology will allow social media in other dimensions.

I would love to get some feedback on that one. There’s a reply form on the bottom of the page. What are your thoughts about social media in other realms or platforms. What would those other dimensions be?