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Can I regale you with all of the benefits of Smart phones? You’ve probably heard it all by now. You stay connected to all your social media networks by using the Internet. All the time. You keep in touch because the email is close to you. In addition to all this, you can stay more organized than you have ever been and there are more and more services out there to help you do just that.

Most , if not all , of the new services actually need to mature a bit and experiment with the model a bit more, in my humble opinion. For the immediate future , you may want to watch developments here.

In the past it’s been said that smart phone owners have the world at their fingertips . This may sound a bit pompous, but the inertia of the of the mobile phone business is gaining momentum. To my view , its because of the many different applications that are available. One of them that has caught my eye is mobile scanning technology. In some circles its known as social scanning. These are applications that allow comparison shopping using bar codes.

This means that you , as a Smart phone owner, can get to your machine, load an application and a code and get access to all the relevant information about that code. This activity is really the application of bar code scanning and social media to create a paradigm of social scanning.

To the big search engines, this means there is a way to track offline scanning behavior. Location services track the data and so now QR code details are being given away to retailers with popular Place Pages. This is because you now have a connection that you can touch to the digital world.

An added benefit here is that you will be able to aggregate all of your membership group details, punch cards etc. into an easy to access digital format . You’ll be able to scan stuff such as credit and debit cards too. There are backup programs to keep your digital data safe also.

Some may think that these scans aren’t really social in nature, but because they can double as verifiable place check-ins, they also share the same properties.

It is also possible to leverage Mobile Technology in order to create brand awareness and product loyalty. This can be done using location platforms and apps that are creating the new ;loyalty platform. Whoever does this the best will stand out. Its just a matter of learning to use a few programs.

Social Capital is an important concept too. This is what drives all social phenomenons to go viral on the internet. This makes it something to focus on. It has been called the currency of social media.

As social scanning and other as yet to be found applications show up, we will be learning more and more.

Let me in on any discussions you might have about this and we’ll go from there.