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Branding and Creative Design

Having an eye for good , creative art is a quality that will help most Social Media Managers become great Social Media Managers.

I know you have heard it before, but first impressions influence the relationship heavily and you may not get a second chance. They are a good chunk of the branding experience for your company. So when you are experimenting with your layout, be sure to take into consideration the colors, design and different types of fonts that may be available.

Creating art is a production process in many cases and it is important that your Social Media Manager is aware of this and can work with it. If the production organization is lacking , then the output may not have as much quality as we would like.

Remember that good branding starts with people. We, as humans need reasons to buy or use, and as humans we need to feel part of something bigger. Because our brands need strong targeted principles at the beginning of everything they do and today’s consumer is more sophisticated, consumers play a very active role on the course of these brands.

In retrospect , we see that design isn’t the only thing that makes a good brand, but it does play an important role. Design is one more element that combined with people, understanding  and data will make more engaged experience. Engagement will make your logo more satisfying to the prospect.

Most people find pleasure when recognizing a logo and when the product is delivered properly, makes for satisfaction to both the brand and the consumer. The visual language should continue the conversation in a consistent manner.

Sometimes marketers think of consumers as robotic types of buyers. However, studies show that It is easier to remember a brand when the brand remembers you back. When the engagement becomes a two way street there is also a lot more room for growth of the brand and the consumer.

Branding is a consideration I talk with all of my clients about and I would be happy to discuss at length if you would like to.

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Search Engine Optimization is Important

SEO is one of those things that you do so the search engines can find your content.  As you have heard before, content is king, so be sure to have good, well-written, and unique content that will focus on your primary keyword or keyword phrase.

Since SEO is a critical factor in most types of content management for public consumption, it helps a lot to have a firm grasp of SEO principles and skills. Having a back ground in HTML will go a long way, for instance.

HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. It is just like learning a foreign language in that you have you have to immerse yourself into it and and have an HTML  writing strategy. As you do more HTML activity, it will become more understandable and fluent. Doing this will give you more insight into how the search engines operate when crawling your site looking for keywords.

Having a good keyword strategy helps in that you will want to look at search volumes for that keyword and competitor use of the keyword. This will help you to increase your ranking.  Some web builders will supply a list of keywords to help you out here.

On page SEO talks about optimization of your own website and the elements that need it so the search engines can index you. You should have page titles and body text , meta descriptions, alt tags on images and your title tags. These are all elements that need to be taken care of.

Inbound links and anchor text are referred to as off-page SEO. You could use the words “social Media ” as an anchor text link. You would then be able to make a guest post on another blog and include a link back to your site by adding a little HTML code into the site.

There is a lot more information on HTML out there and you might try to read a tutorial or two for your own education.

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Online Community Management

Online Community Management is being out in the trenches with the customer. Really, it is the day to day conversations with the enterprises prospects and customers.

This activity has also been referred to as a social media manager.

This activity is social platform agnostic because it doesn’t matter what platform you are on. If you are doing this for a 3rd party, it means they are trusting you with a lot of influence for their enterprise.

Strangely enough, the beginnings of the Online Community Manager start back in the computer games industry with the advent of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) back in 1995.

The realities of the situation have expanded  to include  lots of different positions . Some of these include social media management in a support and marketing role also. The gist of all of this is that online community management encompasses a little bit of each of these, while making sure that there are open communications between the community and the author.

The different types of roles that an online community manager  may serve depends pretty much on the nature and reason for being of the online communities purpose. Now this may or may not be motivated by whether it is a for profit enterprise or not.

Some developers and creators have said that every network has an underlying purpose or there would be no reason to have it.

There are different motivations though , such as Business or Missions or even personal.

These all have to be taken into account when deciding on an Online Community Manager.

The manager has his hand on the pulse of the company and the send button could be compared to the barrel of a weapon. This is because anything coming out of that barrel can hit the target or miss. If there is careful consideration of variables such as wind, humidity etc. , you have a good chance of hitting the target.

If the projectile misses it’s mark, it could bounce of at an angle that could do damage. The company , if there is one, should implement a strategy of approval for this process to minimize damage and maximize influence.

As always , we are soliciting feedback on this subject , so don’t be afraid to contact us.

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Posting to Blogs for Backlinks

In this 30 day challenge video the host talks about how developing backlinks  with authority by posting on high page rank sites will produce visitors . He talks about Google , but I think it works for all of the search engines. So don’t forget about the other  search engines.

If you can find a link with your keyword phrase in it, so much the better. You might look into creating your own, also.

As usual, try to create new and interesting content so you can attract more visitors.

Finding Useful Content

Finding the WOW content that will make your blog or website topics stand out.